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With attractive games, good security, high odds, … has created a solid Fun88 with top prestige as it is today. So how do I become a player here? All things related to how to register a Fun88 account will be revealed by right below.

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register fun88
Instructions on how to register for a Fun88 account
Step 1: Go to the correct registration page of the Fun88 bookie
This is an extremely important step, creating a platform to register and play at Fun88. You can not access the official website ? The popular Fun88 fake address causes “confusion of public opinion”? Don’t worry, because you can access one of the latest links below. These links are designed exclusively for Vietnamese people and provided by the Fun88 house itself!

Register for an Account Fun888 asia

Once you have entered the house, you choose “Join Now” to prepare for the next step.

join fun88
Access to join Fun88

Step 2: Fill in the required information correctly and completely
A player information sheet to fill out will appear for you to proceed with registration. Note that you need to fill in this information completely and accurately to ensure the most smooth playing process.

Username: This is the name that will be displayed during the game at the Fun88 house . The length of the name must be from 6-14 characters, including letters and numbers, written immediately, without accents, without special characters. For example correct name: Nguyennam0302, Sontung123,…
Password: 6-20 characters long, must include letters and unsigned numbers. To increase security, you can use special characters.
Phone number: Enter the phone number you usually use to receive the New Member Bonus. Note, you need a leading zero when typing.
Email: This is a channel for you to reset your password, receive notifications, promotions, etc. So please register with the email you usually use.
Once completed, click “Register Now” to create an account.

Registration information
Information sheet for account registration at the bookie

Step 3: Confirm successful registration and deposit
Upon successful registration, the dealer interface will appear as shown above. If you want to bet now, select “ Deposit now ” . In case you still want to “walk” around the house, you can press the “x icon” to turn it off.

Sign Up Success
Successful registration interface

When you tap off, you’ll be greeted with a successful login and asked if you’d like to learn how to use the new interface. Depending on the level of “connoisseur” in playing experience at the house, you can choose “Start Now” or “Skip” .

successful login message
Choose “start now” or “skip” interface exploration

Fun88 account related issues
What to do when you forget your account name and password?
How to change password
1. At the login interface of the page, select “Forgot Password” . Next, enter your email and username and click “Submit” .

2. You go to the email used to register your account, click “Change password” from the email sent by Fun88 house.

Fun88 password change confirmation letter
Letter to change house password sent to email

3. Next, you need to enter a new password, confirm it again and “Save” .

How do I get my username back?
1. First, select “Forgot Password” at the login page interface. Next, select “Forgot Username” .

Start the interface to find the login name

2. Enter the name of the email address used to register the account and “Submit” .

Enter your email address to find your username

3. Now you just need to check email. The dealer will send you your login name.

Some other notes about changing account information
You need to note that depending on the item, the bookie will allow self-updating or not:

Username, gender, date of birth, security question, preferred currency and security answer cannot be changed during the Fun88 participation process.
Players can manually edit information such as: Favorite E-Wallet , Country, Language and Address.
In case you want to change your phone number, email address or full name, please contact Customer Service immediately to receive instructions.
You must have grasped everything related to registering a Fun88 account, right? With just a few minutes, you can create an account and start betting at Fun88. Becoming a new player at the Fun88 online bookie is also a way for you to receive extremely attractive promotions. So don’t wait any longer, start creating an account and win a lot today!


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