How to Interview Your Lawyer

There are times when hiring a lawyer will be necessary. Some individuals immediately hire the first lawyer they come across with while some interview a number of lawyers first before hiring one. The number of lawyers you will interview will be determined by how urgent you need one, how much time you have, how many available lawyers there are to choose from, and how fast you come across a lawyer you will like. Here are some things to remember if you are unsure of how to interview your He is a lawyer.

First, identify a handful of lawyers who might be capable of addressing your needs, say, lawyers who specialize in particular type of case related to yours, or those who live in your area allowing better communication. Once you have pinpointed your possible candidates, arrange for an initial consultation via telephone so that you will get to ask preliminary questions before you actually set up an in-person formal interview. The answers they will give to your questions would most probably filter them until you get down to just a few lawyers to interview personally. It is advisable that you write their answers so you can review them later and compare them with the answers of others.

Once you have arranged the formal interview, prepare a list of the things you plan to discuss and take it with you. Before you begin asking questions, you have to tell your candidates everything about your case so when you ask relevant questions, the answers they will give are most probably the things you would indeed get in real life once they represent you.

After you have thoroughly informed them of your situation, ask the lawyer all the questions you think are important. Listen carefully and take note of his answers so you can review and think about them later. Do not just pay attention to the answers but also to the way they were presented. Your grounds for hiring a lawyer must not be based on how optimistic he is about your case. Look for the realistic ones.

The most common questions you would need to ask are what is likely going to happen to you, how much money you will have to pay, to what extent will he support you, will you have to make court appearances or can he just represent you, is he easily reachable, and if you call and he is not available, what is going to happen. Ask how he uses his time, how often he is in court or in office, on vacation, at conventions, and for other things.

You might also want to know what expenses he makes from the money you pay him. Ask him if there are circumstances under which he would refund you part of or your entire retainer fee. It is also important to know if he has any personal emotions about the positions he has to take and the stands he has to make if he represents you. Ask if he has some connections within the justice department or some other lawyers who specialize in your case who can help you with your situation.


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